Office IT Support

Nowadays, an efficient company needs an excellent IT system. Otherwise, problems may arise leading to employee frustration, deadlines being missed and customers becoming annoyed.

We regard ourselves as part of your team and set up your company reliably to prevent such problems from occurring and to keep you up and running at all times.

  • Establishing requirements

    Our team of experts analyses your company’s requirements together with you.


  • Analysis

    We analyze your IT infrastructure and work processes that may already be in place.


  • Defining a framework for action

    We develop a catalog of specific suggestions for improvement, which are tailored to your company.


  • Suggesting a solution

    We will then gladly draw up a proposal on how to implement these measures. We support your company every step of the way, in order to position you securely for the challenges of the future and to keep your company running smoothly.



Thomas Naujok

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Naujok

With 12 years of experience in system administration, project management and general management, Thomas is an IT guy through and through, who is always on the hunt for the best solution. He places great value on close collaboration within the company.

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