Managed Server Systems

Today, customers visit a company’s website as a first step. Your website should therefore also reflect your business adequately. Nothing is more annoying than a website that is loading too slowly or not at all. If this is the case, the bounce rate goes up and customers take their business elsewhere. To prevent this from happening, we provide highly available services at a Berlin data center that are certified to the highest data protection standards.

With the help of a decentralized infrastructure, a company’s work processes may be expanded upon and improved in their design. Employees may work remotely; they are flexible and content.

A real benefit to your business.

  • Establishing requirements

    Our team of experts analyses your company’s requirements together with you.


  • Analysis

    We analyze your systems and processes that may already be in place.


  • Defining a framework for action

    We develop a catalog of specific suggestions for improvement, which are tailored to your company.


  • Suggesting a solution

    We will then gladly draw up a proposal on how to implement these measures. We support your company every step of the way, in order to position you securely for the challenges of the future and to keep your company running smoothly.


  • Implementation

    The Netstack team of experts sets up the managed service environment at our data center.


  • Long-term support

    We maintain your environment long term, including support and 24/7 monitoring.



Andreas Pfeiffer

Chief Technology Officer

Andreas Pfeiffer

Andreas is a trained IT specialist with great enthusiasm. In the 15 years that he has been pursuing his passion, he has become a seasoned system administrator, web developer, IT manager and engineering manager. He is currently Netstack’s Head of IT.

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